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Human Resource Training

Human Resources and recruitment services requires specialized industry and company-specific strategies. There is no "one-size fits all" solution. TaFa HRD will work with with your company to determine the best model that fits your specific needs.

Finding the perfect candidate is time consuming. By outsourcing your recruitment and onboarding needs, TaFa HRD will source, screen, and select possible candidates. Once you've had the chance to meet them, we will onboard them to ensure they are ready for their first day. We can even prepare your employee manual and update your policies and practices.

TaFa HRD will plan and execute training programs, organize employee coaching and mentoring, offer succession planning, and create an effective performance management program. Your staff deserve the opportunity to grow and stay engage in the workplace - why not help them do it?

A positive workplace culture and effective recognition is essential to retain good employees. TaFa HRD will work with you to offer create and update your employee recognition program, enhance employee relations. We also offer more extensive strategic and operational HR services.

Need more extensive HR Management services? We can certainly help. TaFa HRD can act as or enhance your HR Department. From compensation analysis to health and safety to exit interviews, we can do it all.