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Human Resource Recruitment

In recruiting and sending workers to the employer's country, we keep in mind and strictly maintain our policy of right person for the right role. Our recruitment policy is very flexible. It all depends upon the choice and requirements of the employers.

In most cases the employers directly recruit the workers through inteview and job test. We have all the facility for holding such test and interview.

  • Visa from the Government of the relevant country
  • A sample copy of Employment contract between the employers TaFa Human Resource Development
  • A copy of recruitment contract between the employers TaFa Human Resource Development
  • Demand letter mentioning the number of workers, trade category, salary and other facilities to be given to the workers
  • Power of attorney authoriging TaFa Human Resource Development to act on your behalf in Bangladesh in recruiting, getting visa stamped and other formalities for sending them to the designated country
  • TaFa Human Resource Development will provide all the logistic support and assistance for smooth and quick sending of the workers

Mr. A.K.M Bari, proprietor of TaFa Human Resource Development is an expert in the Manpower sector and Human Resources. He did his Bachelor of Honors and Masters in English Language and Literature from Dhaka University. Formerly he was a guest lacturer in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Mangement in Dhaka University which is the prime university of the country. Presently he holds different position in different trade bodies, Including

  • Chairman, Industry Sill Council for Tourism and Hospitality sector
  • Member, Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)
  • Former Vice President, Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB)
  • Former Member,Governing body of Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB)
  • Former Secretary General, Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB)
  • Former Member, APJC, IATA